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Treatments for Acne Scars and Marks

Best Acne Treatments




It is thought that one of the best treatments for acne scars and marks are laser treatments. A qualified plastic surgeon uses lasers to remove most types of acne scarring. A fraxel laser is the ’weapon of choice’ used to treat acne scars. The method has been used for a number of years now and has become more popular in recent years. The facial rejuvenation period afterwards can be long and painful; however, many patients would say that it is worth it.


Acne Scar Removal Chemical Peel


A chemical peel can be a good choice for any acne sufferers. The peel is effective in the treatment of post acne scars and can be more effective than most creams. A Phenol Peel is the most effective, yet least frequently used peel available. It has the highest risk factor as it penetrates the skin far more deeply than any other chemical peel.


You must also consult a doctor before undergoing this treatment because a mild anesthetic needs to be administered, adding to the risk factor. Carbolic and amino acids are used in this treatment which means that the temporary damage to the skin can be very painful and takes a rather long time to heal.


Acne Scar Reduction Microdermabrasion


There is a relatively new method of chemical peel that is known as Microdermabrasion. This is more like a skin polishing technique that acts to fill in the kind of acne scars that dip into the skin. It is a beneficial treatment for lots of different facial ailments including scarring caused by acne vulgaris, removal of ordinary scarring, rosacea and wrinkles.


The full face treatment involves a 45 minute blast of aluminum oxide and a vacuum cleaning of the ’salt’ and all of the trapped pieces of oily and dead skin. The treatment can be carried out in spas and salons, but is usually practiced alongside plastic surgery in qualified surgeon’s offices.


Acne Scar Treatment Bioskincare


There are natural treatments available. They are not necessarily the best treatments for acne scars and marks, but they are effective. Acne scarring can be treated and cared for using a new solution called Bioskincare ™. This is a cream made from the oil secreted by an unspecified living creature which has the same kind of skin make up as human beings.


The cream should be applied every day until the scars disappear, and they do disappear. This is one of the few ’at home’ acne scar treatment products that really does work. The cream is not exclusively designed for the treatment of acne scars. It is also beneficial when used for the treatment of dry skin, for the removal of stretch marks and to get rid of the marks caused by ingrown hairs etc.