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The Many Causes of Acne

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Let’s face facts, Acne is a nightmare for most people. Especially true for long term sufferers of chronic acne, frequent breakouts can make your appearance, social and professional life can suffer. It also reduces a person's self esteem. Although acne is the most common skin disorder there is no real cure for it. This is a stark reality for those who are suffering from resistant acne.

So what commonly causes acne? Do any treatments exist that are consistently effective and is there a foreseeable cure? I will attempt to answer all these questions briefly in this article.
Acne Management

Acne Vulgaris can Be Serious

Now Acne vulgaris is a skin disorder whose primary cause is overly active oil glands, which cause bacterium to get trapped and result in clogged skin pores. These clogged pores become pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, lesions, or nodules. All types of acne are different and there are four causes that can be recognized.

These four causes of acne are:

  • heredity
  • hormonal changes
  • diet
  • stress

Some causes of acne can be managed. Apart from heredity causes of acne, all other causes can be effectively managed. Hormonal changes in women can be regulated by taking doses of birth control pills. It’s a good idea for teens and young adults to avoid foods that contain white flour or sugar as this can help reduce insulin levels which directly affect hormones.

Diet Changes for Acne Treatment

Other diet changes should be avoiding caffeine, processed foods, carbonated beverages, pasta, and fatty foods. You should also take plenty of fresh water and fruits along with a diet heavy in vegetables and natural, unprocessed foods in your diet can dramatically change your skin. You can also manage your stress as well.

You will need to work on your relationships, time commitments and health concerns as these are the most common causes of stress, and you should also use relaxation techniques and exercises to manage life's stresses. Exercises such as yoga, and hypnotherapy can reduce stress and reduce incidences of acne breakouts.

Pursue other Acne Treatment Options

If all of these above mentioned methods of maintaining a healthy life and reducing acne breakouts fail to clear up your acne, you will need to pursue other avenues of treatment. You can visit a dermatologist that will recommend oral and topical medications.

Also antibiotics and retinoid are an excellent treatment for acne. You should also pursue cosmetic treatments such as facials, dermabrasion, and laser treatments to minimize acne.
The causes of acne can also change over time, so a treatment for a teen case of acne may not work for stress related adult acne. However acne treatment is a study of trial and error in pursuit of what works to clear your skin.

Accutane Medication the Last Resort

If everything fails then Accutane can be used. Accutane is the only quasi-"cure" for acne available today. This is a much coveted medication and also has life-threatening side effects but studies have shown that it clears up acne for good in 60 percent of the acne cases. The side effect of Accutane is severe depression and birth defects. You need to seek your doctor's advice to see if you are eligible for this much coveted prescription medicine.

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