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Obagi acne skin care offers a new skin transformation system that looks set to be the next ‘big cure’ available for sufferers of acne vulgaris and ‘adult acne’, or Rosacea. The Obagi acne skin care range is affordable and boasts quick results and eliminates any need for acne make-up or other types of acne cosmetics.


Some acne treatmets just cover up


The usual blemish treatments and acne medications just cover up the external problem by adding moisture to the skin and removing the built up Sebum. This does not solve the problem, so it is much better to use the new ‘physician’s choice’ in the Obagi™ skin care acne system. The Obagi™ system reaches below the surface and clears the skin break-out as well as the internal infection, killing it on a cellular level.


The skin restoration system offered comprises of several different serums such as an acne cleanser, foaming gel and an after care gentle cleanser etc. Each bottle should be used together to give you healthy skin, fast. It is important that you use the acne toner and acne cleanser first, if you use a different soap alongside the toner, the treatment will NOT work.


Helps with the natural production carries Obagi products, so click the link above.  The new system, known as the Obagi™ Nu-Derm skin care system, helps the production of the naturally occurring acid on the skin, known as hyaluronic acid that is proven to aid the healing process of pustules, nodules and kenoids. The process also helps to reduce the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and acne scars.


The treatments can be used in conjunction with a course of Vitamin C supplements to aid the repair of the damaged skin. There is a C cleansing gel included with the package that should be used with the skin toner to fully recover from all of the acne symptoms within approximately 3-6 weeks. It is advisable to consult a doctor before starting this and any other kind of acne treatment.


C RX Young Skin Acne treatment


Another skin treatment from Obagi™ is the all new Obagi™-C RX Young Skin Treatment system. This treatment is targeted mainly at those with dry and sun-damaged skin. It is useful to those who have older looking skin, fine lines and wrinkles as well as age spots and ’smoker’s skin’.


The C-cleansing gel and C-clarifying serum work together to give the user younger looking skin that does not just look and feel younger, but the underlying skin cells are actually rejuvenated, making the effects last much longer. Obagi™ also offer an ’in office’ chemical peel known as the Blue Peel. This is a treatment for acne, acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles and other similar types of skin condition. This process is, however, much more expensive.


Skin Medica is a competitor


SkinMedica, a competitor to Obagi™, offers similar products, usually at a lower price, although the effects are not as fast or long lasting. They offer a wide range of skin toners, acne masks and cleansing lotions and gels. You cannot purchase them in a bundle, but each item can be bought separately.


Gly Derm is a solution containing many natural acids that penetrate deep into the epidermis to clear up any infections that are seen and some unseen. The product works well, with long lasting results and is reasonably affordable. Summers Lab has been producing very good skin creams for a number of years. These creams are ideal for the treatment of most, if not all skin conditions, including acne.


The biggest competitor to Obagi is MaMa Lotion


MaMa Lotion is one of Obagi’s biggest competitors. The lotion is very mild and contains Malic acid, which actively regenerates damaged skin cells. The lotion is very cheap and boasts quick results, around the same time as the Obagi™ formula. The final competitor that may be worth checking out is MD Formulations.


They produce a huge range of cosmetics and skin care treatments that assist the repair of damaged skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and cure acne. The products are quite expensive, but they are of a very high quality.


Obagi Skin Care Products carries many different acne product lines, anti aging products and much more.  Click the link above for more information on some wonderful products.  And one of the is Obagi Skin Care for Acne.