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A Secret Tip for Home Overnight Cure for a Zit

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Acne treatment and zits are a problem for everyone. Some are lucky but for the most part, teenagers are going to get zits, pimples, acne, blackheads and more. Getting rid of these awful zits is the real problem when compared to getting them. So let's take some time to figure out how to find a home overnight cure for a zit.

2 different overnight cures for a zit

There are many different discussions on a home overnight cure for a zit. There are really two different cures that we will discuss in this article. The first one will sound a little different than most things that you have heard but the second you have heard about but it does work.

You can usually get rid of your acne overnight with this method, and in worst case it will take a couple days. It is going to really depend on how bad a blemish you have. But just make sure that you give it time. This treatment is against the norm, but trust me it works.

1. Pop your zit or pimple

Do not squeeze the pimple to pop it. What you are going to do is to slide something across your blemish to pop it.

2. Fill a large bowl 1/4 full with warm water

Now add about a cup of salt to the water and mix.

3. Use a cotton square, round or ball

What you want to do is to soak the above in the warm salty water for about 30 seconds. Move it around in the water to make sure that you get it good and salty.

4. Take it out

Remove it from the water and squeeze it out

5. Apply to zit, pimple or acne

Now take that cotton ball and put it on the zit and make sure that you push down on it. (It needs to tingle, that is the key. If you don't feel it tingling then add more salt to the cotton ball and reapply to your blemish). Now when you get it to tingle, make sure that you hold it on the zit for about 3 minutes.

6. Don't wash the salt off

After 3 minutes remove the cotton ball from your pimple and DON'T CLEAN OFF THE SALT.

7. Use some honey

Take a little honey and put it on a Q-tip and apply the honey to the zit and leave the honey on the pimple for around 15 minutes.

8. Rinse

After the 15 minutes, lightly rinse off the honey with water, do not scrub your face.

This continuation is the second home overnight cure for a zit

9. Toothpaste, zits

Now take a dab of toothpaste, zits (crest toothpaste if you can) will dry out with this and apply to the blemish and leave it on overnight. Toothpast and zits have been a remedy for acne for a long time and continues to be because it works.

10. Rinse, clean and moisturize
In the morning rinse off the toothpaste and throughly clean your face (lightly, do not scrub). One produce we recommend is Camphor Souffle Cleanser. After you have cleaned and dried, make sure that you moisturize your face.

Sounds strange, but this really works good and is worth a try. The only thing that you have to lose is your acne.

We will talk about some other home overnight cure for a zit in some upcoming articles. There are some other great treatments, ideas that seem to work. Now, not all of these acne cures are going to work for everyone, so find the one that works for you.

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