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Does Steaming Your Face Help Acne?

Is steam good for acne? This article is going to discuss some of the different ways that you can learn how to steam your face correctly. Does steaming your face help acne? You bet it does if it is done correctly.

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If you only boiling water when you are going to steam your face and have nothing else in the water and you think that this is going to work, then the answer is usually no. There are other methods of steaming which have slightly more promising results, so let’s pose the question again: Does steaming your face help acne?  Steam for acne is a winner if done right.


What You Need to Add to the Water


Given this new information, we can now say that the answer is yes! There are many combinations of various ingredients to boil up to use as an acne treatment. They are mostly slow working treatments and are usually natural herbal concoctions. The product that one chooses to use can determine how long the acne symptoms will last and could potentially change your life.


Green Tea for Best Acne Results


Tea is the best acne control method available which is all natural and is very good for most types of skin care. You should not just use ordinary tea, it is thought that Green Tea is the best and most effective. Use three Green Tea bags, or four teaspoonfuls of loose leaf Green Tea, mix with six tablespoons of chopped stem ginger and boil in two hundred and fifty milliliters of water. You should hold your face over the steam from this treatment for around ten minutes, twice daily until the infection has cleared.


Another effective skin treatment is a specific facial steaming tea from Spa Sentiments. This is a naturally derived mixture of herbs, tea leaves and spices. To effectively control your acne, place two to three cupfuls of the tea mixture into just enough boiling water to cover, drape a towel over your head and hold your face over the steam for between five and ten minutes. It is a good idea to wash the face before and after treatment, and then follow up with an appropriate skin toner to close the pores and prevent any bacteria settling.


The steaming of the face is one of the best natural acne control treatments. The teas used contain no ingredients that may react adversely with the skin. All of the leaves and herbs used are usually hand picked, wild and free from any kind of pesticide etc.


Doctors Don't Usually Recommend This Method


You can be sure that this kind of facial steaming definitely is the most effective, natural treatment that is available for acne. Lots of doctors will not recommend this method straight away, although it is so effective, simply because they cannot make any money on it. The teas are available over the counter at any herbal remedy store and some pharmacies.


So, we come back to our original question. Does steaming your face help acne? Depending on what you use in the steaming mixture, yes. You can use any internet search engine and find lots of recipes to make at home, and lots of retail outlets that sell their own versions.  Steam for acne will work, give it a try.  If you are looking for the correct procedure to steam for acne, just click the above link.