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The Best Way to Remove Blackheads

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There are many tried and tested ways to remove blackheads. The best ways to remove blackheads are not necessarily the most natural; however the chemicals used do not cause any side effects.


What is a Blackhead?


Blackheads are caused by the same build up of Sebum that causes whiteheads and acne. The effects are, however, different. Blackheads are not usually painful and can last for nearly your entire life, if not correctly treated.


A blackhead is often put down as a build up of dirt in the pores. This is NOT true. While the Sebum does trap dirt and dead skin in the pores, this is not what gives them their black color. This is caused by the bacteria that live in the Sebum. Blackheads are very easily treated, although the process can take a long time.


How to Get Rid of Blackheads


While you can just squeeze out a blackhead, it will not solve the problem completely, as they can return over a short period of time. The best idea is to use a strict cleansing routine, using a gentle and moisturizing facial cleanser that will wash out any excess oil (Sebum) and bacteria. Antibacterial soaps are good, but they can dry the skin so it is a good idea to follow up with moisturizing cleanser.


For a number of years the ClearSkin™ Face wash has been the best as it gently exfoliates the skin at the same time as cleaning. Proper skin care using this kind of face wash is definitely the best choice for the removal of blackheads, but the results can take a long time to become visible. This method is better used as a preventative measure as a pose to a ’cure’.


Blackhead removal strips


If you have had blackheads for a while, and scrubbing or cleansing does not seem to work, it may be worth purchasing some blackhead removal strips. These are available over the counter at any good pharmacy and are very effective. You simply stick the strip across the affected area; wait patiently for the length of time stated on the box, and remove like a waxing strip.


The results are instant as they trap any blockage on the sticky side of the strip, and pull it out from deep in the pores. This is the best way to remove blackheads, although many published physician’s articles suggest that the effects are not permanent.


In Conclusion


Over and over again, there seems to be no medical way to best treat blackheads. While there are creams, gels and lotions available, they are not the best way to remove blackheads. All physicians and patients say that the best way is to practice a proper skin care regime. You will see results; all you need is a gentle cleanser, lots of patience and perseverance.