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Acne and Rose Hip Oil

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Acne and rosehip oil do not usually appear in the same sentence, unless it involves avoiding rosehip oil on acne skin. The use of rosehip oil on acne can make the inflammations much worse, and far more painful.


Rose hip oil can reduce the appearance of acne scarring


You can purchase rosehip oil for use on acne scars. The oil can help to reduce the appearance of any kind of scarring. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can be used in conjunction with lots of other organic treatments.


You can buy a natural rosehip lotion that is recommended for use on the skin of the face along with an organic rosehip serum, making your skin appear more youthful. There are also many other personal care products that contain rosehip oil including moisturizers, toners, underarm roll-ons, and skin care lotions.


Rose hip oil can irritate the skin


Most of these products are designed to reduce redness and dryness of the skin, although they can sometimes be irritating to the skin if they contain lipoic acid, as many of them do. Products containing rosehip oil can be used on itching skin as a soothing measure to try and stop one from scratching.


Lipoic acid is strong antioxidant


Lipoic acid, or alpha-lipoic acid, is a very strong antioxidant that is present in every cell in the body in the form of a fatty acid. It helps to eliminate any unnecessary free radicals on the skin, which promotes a healthy and youthful look, while removing some of the more harmful bacteria. It is very useful when used in a skin moisturizer, although it is not recommended for use on broken or sun-damaged skin.


Not all available rosehip products contain this acid. The ones that do not contain rosehip oil can still irritate the skin, although they are less likely to. They can be beneficial to the scalp if used in shampoos and conditioners.


Use as a shampoo


These are slightly more difficult to find, and are more expensive than other products for sensitive or damaged skin. The surface of a sun-damaged scalp can heal quicker if one uses these shampoos. The shampoos and conditioners which contain rosehip oil can be used to aid the healing process of most scalp problems.


For those that have been living with acne for a long time, and do not have any other options left, rosehip oil ointments can be used, at ones’ own risk. They are in fact better used with anti-aging creams and lotions.


Eliminate excess free radicals


They are good because, as previously stated, they eliminate excess free-radicals. This should eventually act to combat the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and can be more effective than surgery, and much less painful, if used over a number of years. You must be patient, which is the one drawback.


The naturally occurring skin oil known as Sebum, which is the biggest cause of acne, can be removed, or at least reduced in quantity, by using rosehip oil lotions. Acne and rosehip oil is a controversial subject, although most physicians would recommend that you do not use it on acne spots, it should only be used on the remaining scars.