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Those who carry acne scars would tell you how important it is to know everything about acne myths natural treatments. There are more acne myths than actual reasons for acne. Poor hygiene, poor diet, sex, makeup and stress are few of the reasons sited for bad cases of acne breakouts. Let us try and understand these acne myths and the acne myths natural treatments.

  • Poor hygiene causes acne: Though poor hygiene may cause in the obstruction of pores and sebum glands in your skin due to accumulation of dust but it’s not a wise idea to try and remove it by vigorous scrubbing. There is no scientific evidence relating acne to poor hygiene though it’s better to wash your face gently twice a day with a mild soap as acne myths natural treatments.
  • Poor diet causes acne: Chocolate, pizza and other greasy foods are often blamed for acne. But no scientific study has yet been able to prove a relation between the two. But every individual may be responding differently to different food. So when some may find to have heavy breakouts of acne after eating pizza some of the others may find the same happening to them after drinking coffee. So one has to notice and keep away from the foods that cause them acne.
  • Acne is caused by stress: Stress on your body and mind in day to day life can hardly be called an agent for acne. Though in case of severe stress where medications are necessary acne might be a result of side effects from the medications.
  • Sex causes acne: One of the most popular myths, especially among the teens. Sex or masturbation is not a reason for acne outbursts. In fact it has many positive effects on your body if you are careful about protection.
  • Makeup and acne: another popular myth among the women is that heavy makeup can cause acne or worsen the acne. This is not the truth. If you are careful enough to choose the right makeup and understand what makeup you are allergic to, there is no way makeup is going to cause you acne.
  • Popping pimples cures acne fast: another teenager myth about acne, popping pimples is not going to cure acne any faster. It may result in permanent scars if you are not careful. Even if you are tempted to pop those ugly pimples it’s not advisable as an acne myths natural treatment.
  • Just letting acne run its course is the best option: With so many acne myths natural treatments available it’s foolish to let acne run its course. There are many mild medications available that can at least make the acne situation better for you and give you a much better skin and health even with a case of acne.
  • • Oral Contraceptives cause acne: Again this is based on how the body of an individual reacts to certain drugs. Oral contraceptives alter the hormonal balances in the body and this may lead to acne but it’s not the truth in every case.
  • Tanning reduces acne: Tanning may help in hiding acne for a short duration but may lead to dry skin and irritation which in turn may worsen your acne.

While most of the myths are baseless one may try and stay healthy in all ways to avoid acne. The most popular acne myths natural treatments are eating healthy, lots of exercise, drinking enough water and proper hygiene. Though none of them are to address the reasons for acne they surely will help keep your skin fitter.

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